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2.2. Builder's plate PDF Print E-mail

Essential requirement:
Each craft shall carry a permanently affixed plate mounted separately from the boat hull identification number, containing the following information:

- manufacturer's name,
- CE marking (see Annex IV),
- boat design category according to section 1,
- manufacturer's maximum recommended load derived from section 3.6 excluding the weight of the contents of the fixed tanks when full
- number of persons recommended by the manufacturer for which the boat was designed to carry when under way.

Harmonized standard:
EN ISO 14945:2004/AC:2005 Small craft - Builder´s plate

Material and fixing: The builder’s plate shall be a rigid plate or flexible label affixed to the craft in such a way that it can only be removed by the use of tools.

Location: The builder's plate shall be readily visible, preferably in the cockpit or near the main steering position.