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5.8. Discharge prevention PDF Print E-mail

Essential requirement:
Discharge prevention and installations facilitating the delivery ashore of waste.

Craft shall be constructed so as to prevent the accidental discharge of pollutants (oil, fuel, etc.) overboard.
Craft fitted with toilets shall have either:
(a) holding tanks, or
(b) provision to fit holding tanks.

Craft with permanently installed holding tanks shall be fitted with a standard discharge connection to enable pipes of reception facilities to be connected with the craft discharge pipeline.

In addition, any through-the-hull pipes for human waste shall be fitted with valves which are capable of being secured in the closed position.

Harmonized standard:
EN ISO 8099:2000 Small craft - Toilet waste retention systems

For the toilet system it is very important that proper sanitary materials (hoses etc.) are used in the system to prevent the emission of noxious gases within the craft.

Also it is recommended to verify if the pump-out deck fitting is in compliance with the required dimensions. Otherwise the hose connection of the shore station can not connected to the fitting.