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3.1. Structure PDF Print E-mail

Essential requirement:
The choice and combination of materials and its construction shall ensure that the craft is strong enough in all respects. Special attention shall be paid to the design category according to section 1, and the manufacturer's maximum recommended load in accordance with section 3.6.

Harmonized standard:
EN ISO 12215-5:2008 Small craft - hull construction and scantling - Part 5: Design pressures for monohulls, design stresses, scantling determination
EN ISO 12215-6:2008 Small craft - Hull construction and scantlings - Part 6: Structural arrangements and details

The Recreational Craft Sectoral Group (RSG) has interpreted the Essential Safety Requirements as relating to the integrity and structural requirements of the hull, deck and superstructure. This includes construction and attachment of items such as keel, rudder, chain plates and other strength critical items as appropriate.

To assess the structural integrity, one of the following approaches shall be considered:

- Application of appropriate parts of EN ISO 12215;
- Other acceptable scantling determination methods (e.g. classification rules);
- As an alternative to acceptable scantlings determination methods or in cases where no applicable rules exist, acceptable construction calculation(s) or testing may be used.
- In particular cases and if acceptable empirical knowledge can be demonstrated as to the structural requirements of the hull, this may be used as an alternative to the previous methods outlined.