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2.5. Owner's manual PDF Print E-mail

Essential requirement:
Each craft shall be provided with an owner's manual in the official Community language or languages which may be determined by the Member State in which it is marketed in accordance with the Treaty. This manual should draw particular attention to risks of fire and flooding and shall contain the information listed in sections 2.2, 3.6 and 4 as well as the unladen weight of the craft in kilograms.

Harmonized standard:
• EN ISO 10240:2004 Small craft - Owner's manual

owners_manual Required information: Where in the past full technical servicing information, such as wiring diagrams, fuel piping etc, were required for the owners manual, currently the owners manual can be limited to the safe operation of the craft, with due consideration for the environment.

Language: The owners manual shall be written in the official community language in the area where the product is put on the market.

The Owner’s Manual does not have to include full technical servicing information, such as wiring diagrams, fuel piping, etc., which may be included in a document, separate from the Owner’s Manual. This technical service document need not be translated.

The Owner's Manual may be in a language specified by the boat owner. It is recommended to have the owner signed for the language he/she specified.

Owners_manual Owner's manual templates

book Example owner's manual Sailing Yacht

book Example owner's manual Super Yacht Tender