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5.4. Steering system PDF Print E-mail

Essential requirement:
5.4.1. General
Steering systems shall be designed, constructed and installed in order to allow the transmission of steering loads under foreseeable operating conditions.

Harmonized standards:
• EN 28848:1993/A1:2000 Small craft - Remote steering systems
• EN 29775:1993/A1:2000 Small craft - Remote steering systems for single outboard motors of 15 kW to 40 kW power
EN ISO 10592:1995/A1:2000 Small craft - Hydraulic steering systems
EN ISO 13929:2001 Small craft - Steering gear - Geared link systems
EN ISO 15652:2005 Small craft - Remote steering systems for inboard mini jet boats
EN ISO 8847:2004/AC:2005 Small craft - Steering gear - Cable and pulley systems

Steering_wheel Steering systems and steering wheels belongs to the components which has to be CE certified. Make sure that these components are delivered with a CE declaration of conformity. In case an in-house made steering system will be installed, the tests and requirements as described in the applicable ISO standard has to be followed. It is recommended to contact your surveyor to discuss the required tests.

Essential requirement:
5.4.2. Emergency arrangements

Sailboat and single-engined inboard powered motor boats with remote-controlled rudder steering systems shall be provided with emergency means of steering the craft at reduced speed.

Harmonized standard:
• No standard is envisioned.

In hydraulic steering systems a by-pass line has to be installed in way of the steering cylinder.

Although bow thrusters can not be used as emergency steering arrangement some notified bodies do accept auto-pilots as emergency steering. It is recommended to discuss this issue with your surveyor.