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Technical Construction file supplied by the Manufacturer PDF Print E-mail
a) Text of Annex XIII of the Directive

The technical documentation referred to in Annexes V, VII, VIII, IX, XI and XVI must comprise all relevant data or means used by the manufacturer to ensure that components or craft comply with the essential requirements relating to them.

The technical documentation shall enable understanding of the design, manufacture and operation of the product, and shall enable assessment of conformity with the requirements of this Directive.

The documentation shall contain so far as relevant for assessment:
(a) a general description of the type,
(b) conceptual design and manufacturing drawings and schemes of components, sub-assemblies, circuits, etc.,
(c) descriptions and explanations necessary for the understanding of said drawings and schemes and the operation of the product,
(d) a list of the standards referred to in Article 5, applied in full or in part, and descriptions of the solutions adopted to fulfil the essential requirements when the standards referred to in Article 5 have not been applied,
(e) results of design calculations made, examinations carried out, etc.,
(f) test reports, or calculations namely on stability according to section 3.2 of the Essential Requirements and on buoyancy according to section 3.3 thereof (Annex I.A),
(g) exhaust emissions test reports demonstrating compliance with section 2 of the Essential Requirements (Annex I.B),
(h) noise emissions test reports or reference boat data demonstrating compliance with section 1 of the Essential Requirements (Annex I.C).

In general the Technical Documentation below is applicable according to the Recreational Craft Directive, however an individual Notified Body may ask for further clarification. Alternative media, such as photos, are acceptable in place of drawings. Checklists only filled in on behalf of- or by the Manufacturer, without additional diagrams, specifications, drawings or other information as required are not acceptable.

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